One of the best of the clipboard assistant tools for Windows

Copy your content to clipboard from anywhere.

the clipboard

Strip the clipboard content and keep only basic formats without any rich formatting.

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  the clipboard

Enrich formatting for the poorly and badly forematted text in the clipboard with many formatting options.

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Paste clipboard content into your document.

“Clipboard Stripper” is more than just a clipboard stripper

Clipboard Stripper is a leading clipboard assistant tool

Clipboard Stripper is a leading clipboard assistant tool, letting you strip or apply fine formatting to clipboard content in just a few keypresses.

With the Clipboard Stripper you can

With the Clipboard Stripper you can strip formatting from the rich text, or add rich formatting to the plain text, or fix formatting for the badly formatted text. With the Clipboard Stripper you also can format the plain text in various ways.

Clipboard Stripper can find

Clipboard Stripper can find variously formatted text elements such as titles, lists, enumerations, definition lists, tables, etc, and apply the appropriate format for them, both to the plain text format and for the rich text format.

Clipboard Stripper let you

Clipboard Stripper also let you to format tables, taken as plain text tables, or CSV and TSV tables and paste them into you documents or spreadsheets.

Clipboard Stripper is the ultimate invisible friend, an essential part of your workflow, who brings your clipboard to the next level!

Clipboard Stripper cost for home user is only $19.99